Updating classic american ranches

10-Jan-2018 17:11

She made it comfortable." Amy and her husband of six years, Warren (a contractor, who is also her business partner in Amy Vaughan Inc.

Design/Build), nearly doubled the square footage of their own ranch-style home.

"The new twist that wasn't there a year or two ago is the investment value of remodeling," says Warren.

"If you take 15% of the cost of your house and put it into renovation, whether it's just redoing your basement or improving the shell of the house, you're looking at 60% to 75% return on your dollars.

In this book youll discover: About the Author: Landscape architect M. Featuring more than 20 examples of updated homes and new ranches, the book is illustrated with inspiring original color photography and before and after floor plans.

Caren Connolly and architect Louis Wasserman, both graduates of Harvard's School of Design, share a passion for American design and an architectural studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. RANCHES is a unique combination of outstanding designs and proven ideas for renovating, remodeling and building a ranch-style home. In this book youll discover: a wealth of successful design solutions to problems faced by the millions of people who own or build ranch-style homes options for a variety of budgets, styles and sizes a history and overview of the form as well as a glossary of typical design elements/details for people who want to restore their homes.

Even when the couple tears down much of an original house, they try to save some of the old and blend it with the new.

Although business has slowed with the economy, several homeowners have called upon Amy and Warren recently with investments in mind."She worked with what we had, took out walls and ceilings, exposed the beams, and opened it up," says Frances.