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28-Dec-2017 09:46

Rutgers First year head Coach Chris Ash grew up a Hawkeye fan, growing up just south of Iowa City, in Ottumwa.

But he would love nothing more than taking down the Black and Gold in his Big 10 debut.

Pass protection has been poor and CJ Beathard hasn’t adjusted his pocket awareness enough to compensate.

Iowa has to keep Beathard moving with more play-action and designed runs to keep the linebackers in check from dialing up the blitz.

Keys to victory on the road- get Beathard moving and breathe new life into the offense.

Defensively, take more risk and blitz the corners forcing QB’s into mistakes.

When you have a dynamic runner with great hands, you put all the pressure on the defense to stop what they already know is coming.And finally, fire the officiating crew because they need serious help! Barney’s Beanery will be ready to go and the food and drinks will be flowing!Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Pasadena…let’s get it on!Minnesota’s struggles are near mirror images of the Hawks, the O-line is questionable; leaving Leidner to have to create his own plays.

The D-Line isn’t giving much help either, struggling to generate a pass rush.

It’s okay Hawk Nation, you can be frustrated; but the season is far from over.