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Statements that reflect upon one's character in a manner that will cause ridicule, hatred, contempt, or injury to trade or profession, if proven, are defamation per se, and do not require proof of actual damages. Jenny told the guy took them to him and he, taking the hint, trying not to scream with joy, without question took the wheel. - You’re really not even guess that would be, is not it? – Contemptuously threw the girl, making it clear that at this point the conversation was over, but continued not long in coming, but elsewhere. He paid for an expensive dinner, to which they did not even touch and left the restaurant.An employee must prove actual damage in a defamation case, unless the words used to defame the employee amount to defamation "per se." Employees can prove actual damage if the defamatory statement costs them their job.

However, since defamation involves harm to an individual's reputation, and because reputation is difficult to quantify, actual damage is often difficult or impossible to prove.

Each state has its own test for proving defamation at work.

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