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Solution: This hot fix resolves this issue so that Scheduled Update is performed on Office Scan agents not connected to an Office Scan server during startup.Warning User Device Registration Event ID 360 - Windows Hello for Business provisioning will not be launched. ADDITIONAL INFO: Sitting idle it doesn't seem to crash.Device is AAD joined ( AADJ or DJ ): Not Tested User has logged on with AAD credentials: No Windows Hello for Business policy is enabled: Not Tested Local computer meets Windows hello for business hardware requirements: Not Tested User is not connected to the machine via Remote Desktop: Yes User certificate for on premise auth policy is enabled: Not Tested Machine is governed by none policy. All crash loops start while gaming or running a resource intensive program like Blender ect. After 5 cycles of crashes and investigations last night, all of a sudden I could no longer use the Event Viewer or Device Manager as windows decided to Block me saying I didn''t have admin perms, yet I do and always have and never changed them.After trying repeatedly, I ended up using CMD in admin mode to unlock the hidden Super Admin User Profile using: Net user administrator /Active: Yes Logged into that user once and could use Event Viewer and such again, logged out and back into my Main User Profile and the Admin blocks seemed to have been resolved.

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I'm not sure if it had to do with me logging into the Super Admin Profile or not but it seems to have gone away. Contents Resolved Known Issues (327003 EN_Hotfix_3113, EN_Hotfix_4205) Issue: Errors might occur when activating the license for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office On-premise, or Microsoft Windows.