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30-Nov-2017 09:03

Wants to have a 'textual' or email relationship -- has no interest in talking on the phone, or going on a date! You feel butterflies in your stomach after the first date -- it could mean that your gut is telling you something is WRONG.2.

After several correspondences, suggest talking on the phone. Too charming -- over complimentary, grandiose gestures, very expensive dates...signs of a narcissist!

If he calls/texts every day then suddenly becomes 'too busy' - red flags.7. It has a passcode and he often guards it when you're around....8.

Doesn't 'friend' you on social media (may show someone is hiding something)9. Goes off the grid and doesn't respond to calls/texts for days, then suddenly reappears as if 'nothing is wrong.'11.

Pictures - If someone looks 'too good to be true', and only has 1-2 photos, "reverse image search" the photos in Google to find out if those photos have been taken from somewhere else. Negative - Anyone who sounds negative in their online communications, in phone, in person.5.

Asks you to email them at a personal address right away because they're 'canceling' their membership (catfishers want to get you off the site ASAP).6.

Dating Coach Bela Gandhi, founder of the Smart Dating Academy in Chicago, introduces us to the latest dating apps and warns about the red flags when you enter the online dating world.

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The biggest rush to enter the online dating world is from December 15- February 15, according to With 20 clients paying ,000 for dating coach services, a dating consultant might earn 0,000 annually.